Quail Crew / Volunteer

Vail Inclusive Preschool “Quail Crew”

Get Connected! Quail Crew is a great way to get acquainted with VIP and keep up with what’s happening in you school. You can join anytime!

Get Involved! Enjoy volunteering your time and resources, and meet other VIP families. Your membership also demonstrates to you child the importance you place on education.

Have an Impact! Volunteers support educational programs for VIP children, provide resources for students, staff and teachers; host family, school and community events, and raise funds for programs and equipment.

Please fill out our online application!  www.applitrack.com/vail/onlineapp/ application

Join the Crew at any time, at a meeting, or by completing the Quail Crew sign-up form available at the VIP offices. Use your passions, skills and experience to brighten your student’s school experience.

Meetings will be held on campus, when needed.
Free childcare for children of all ages is available for parent/’s attending the meetings.